Download Internet Download Manager 6.41.6 with Licensi


Internet Download Manager – perhaps the best download manager today, capable of speeding up downloads several times. Probably, you, as a specialist, will say “No need la-la, I have a megabit pizza, it won’t speed up anything!”. That’s how it is, but many sites limit the speed to one stream, but allow you to download to several of these very streams. Do you understand what I’m getting at? Yes, exactly, your browser downloads in one stream, and this program in several, hence the acceleration. Moreover, IDM is highly configurable, it will help you download your favorite videos from YouTube, contacts and other supported video services, it has a site grabber (no, you won’t be able to download anything forbidden, don’t dream), a schedule, a speed limiter and other useful goodies. I use this rocking chair and I advise you. Get it quick!

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